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Why Should You Buy an iPhone 3G?

Apple is supposedly going to release its new iPhone 3G in a few days from now. Why should YOU buy it?Here a few random thoughts on the question…..If you use your phone mostly for calls and don’t need high speed (HSDPA) Internet on the device there is no need unless you travel to places without GSM (i.e. Japan)With it, your connected to just about everything you need electronically no matter where you go. (Except for outlying rural areas where service may not be available). With Apple Mail, Safari, and the soon to come plethora of applications for iPhone/iPod touch, its really about mobile computing than then phone. Can you make calls with it? Sure, but if you are similar to most iPhone owners, the phone aspect of it is not used nearly as much as the other communication aspects. Bottom line, if you want to be connected 24/7, the iPhone is your best and easiest to use bet.To be perfectly honest though …. that’s a pretty open ended question. But I’ll provide some brief context to help you answer for yourself..To me an iPhone purchase indicates that the purchaser wants the most comprehensive feature set they can get in one package; true internet web access, contacts, calendar and a solid phone to name a few.It also means that the owner wants a phone with flexibility going forward. Since the iPhone is software based, new functionality can be added quite easily. More compelling is the release of the Apple’s iPhone SDK this month which will add the all important Exchange server integration functionality, making the iPhone a player in corporate environments. Exchange functionality will enable push contacts, email, and calendar as well as access to GALs and use of certificates, VPN, identities and security features like auto wipe should your phone be lost or stolen.3G is really just an increase in network speed so browsing, YouTube playing etc. will be accelerated. Most folks who already own an iPhone likely won’t feel compelled to upgrade to a 3G. However if I was in the market for new phone, I’d probably go for the iPhone.There are two drawbacks though….* You gotta go with AT&T as your provider. They’ve got the exclusive for the foreseeable future. Mind you, service may actually be very good …. but it is limiting.* Like many phones today, iPhone has a camera built in but can’t currently take video. Why a robust phone from Apple …. that has a hard drive built in …. can’t take video is beyond me.Actually considering the fact that the iPhone 3G is not out yet, answering that question is pure speculation. There is no truth yet to any specifications that the iphone will have ….. except that fact that it is 3G capable.Honestly, from what I have heard there really aren’t any drastic improvements. Quite frankly, I can’t really see any except maybe a GPS chip ….. which will make GMM more accurate.So …. armed with just some “preliminary” info as shared above …. your best course of action is probably to wait a week or 2 after the announcement. Let the fallout settle and the “truth” come out. THEN make a decision.