Monthly Archives: February, 2017

IT Services Technospeak

When my printer isn’t talking to my computer and I go online to get help, I don’t want to be bombarded with buzzwords that make me think I have entered a foreign language site. Terms like enterprise, VPN…VP WHAT?!? I’m not looking for a “flux capacitor” for my Delorean Time Machine; I just want my office’s computers and printers to work.Why can’t I find an IT services site that talks to me in a language I can understand? Information Technology is a broad term; I’m just trying to get my printer to work!Why do I have to Google to find out that VPN means virtual private network, and that it is a computer network that uses a public network (e.g., the Internet) to transmit private data? Since I am not likely to need a virtual private network in the near future, why did I waste 20 minutes of my life trying to understand it?I decided to turn to a name I know, hoping to find some clarity. Here is a quote from the IBM website:IT strategy and architecture services from IBM can help you successfully assess, plan and design an enterprisewide IT strategy and architecture that supports your business goals.I don’t need architecture! I just want to print! Does every search for IT services bring up sites which only cater to Mega corporations? I am proud of my business, but I don’t need a nuclear bomb to kill a fly!My search brought up terms and “technospeak” which threatened to turn me into the world’s first “carbon-based life form” computer catapult. I know I am not the only one who feels there should be an easier way to find a company who is geared to a serving a small to mid-sized business. Is there anyone out there? Hello?